Monthly Archive: September, 2013

May all beings be happy

Originally posted on Great Middle Way:
May all beings in this universe be happy. May all enjoy prosperity and welfare. May all experience peace.   May plenitude and fullness be unto all beings.…

Needing Inspiration

I’m sitting here and I want to write but I find myself lacking a creative feeling. So I’m writing about my lack of things to write about. Of course there are lots of… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: From Lines to Patterns

Weekly Photo Challenge: From Lines to Patterns “We see lines and patterns in the world around us, in nature and things man-made. Sometimes we don’t realize they’re there: on the street, across the… Continue reading

Of Dogs and Lizards: A Parable of Privilege

Originally posted on Sindelókë:
Today I’m feeling 101-y, I guess, so let’s talk about privilege. It’s a weird word, isn’t it? A common one in my circles, it’s one of the most…

Bad Writing Advice

Originally posted on Julianne Q Johnson:
You should describe this sky in lyric detail. No, you should never describe anything at all! Like all professions, and especially in the arts, when you participate…

TV is Ruining My Life

OK so that’s an exaggeration. Or is it? I have spent most of this evening in front of the goggle box and not learning anything or achieving anything. It’s too easy to just… Continue reading

A Confession: Failing Good Habits

Over the past few months I have been building good habits but the past few weeks have not been so good. I have no excuses. Going to bed earlier has not been happening.… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside Sculpture

Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside “IN A NEW POST CREATED FOR THIS CHALLENGE, SHARE A PHOTO THAT SAYS INSIDE.” We found this great sculpture in Bradford. I thought it was interesting and even more… Continue reading

The 6 Most Shockingly Irresponsible “Fitspiration” Photos

Originally posted on Reembody:
The Reembody blog, up to this point, has been a thoughtful exploration of human movement, a subject about which I am extremely passionate. Today, however, I’m mad and I’m going…

5 things I am grateful for having in my life lately!

Originally posted on If there is any magic in this world…:
When you love what you have you have everything you need! Life is beautiful and sometimes we forget this, but I’ve been…

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