Overtraining Can Kill You

Or too much exercise can make you sick, injured and unable to train at all so you end up much less fit and able.

Image by crossfit.com

To me it seems like not only has working out become fashionable lately, but also that fitness culture has become more of an unhealthy culture of overtraining. Where working out until you look like Pukey is considered a good thing.

If exercising made me vomit I would think I was doing something bad to myself. Overdoing it. The only time exercise has made me puke was when I has to cycle 10 miles to school and 10 miles home every day for a few weeks. I wasn’t used to it even though I had cycled more than 20 miles before, I wasn’t used to doing it every day and it made my dump my breakfast undigested in the hallway. Yuck! Embarrassing!

Image by crossfit.com

Today I learned a new word. ‘Rhabdo’ or Rhabdomyolysis can be caused by physical trauma, medical conditions, poisons, overheating or extreme physical exercise. It’s something that crossfit warns can be caused by doing their regimes in the wrong way.

“When damaged, muscle tissue rapidly fills with fluid from the bloodstream, including sodium ions. The swelling itself may lead to destruction of muscle cells, but those cells that survive are subject to various disruptions that lead to rise in intracellular calcium ions; the accumulation of calcium in the sarcoplasmic reticulum leads to continuous muscle contraction and depletion of ATP, the main carrier of energy in the cell.[3][7] ATP depletion can itself lead to uncontrolled calcium influx.[2] The persistent contraction of the muscle cell leads to breakdown of intracellular proteins and disintegration of the cell.”

“Rhabdomyolysis may cause renal (kidney) failure by several mechanisms. The most important problem is the accumulation of myoglobin in the kidney tubules.”


That sounds bad, right? Yep. It is. People are getting permanent muscle and kidney damage from working out too much. The actual likelihood is low, ‘Rhabdo’ is fairly rare. Lets hope we don’t have an epidemic.

What to watch out for? If you have lots of soreness and swelling and your urine is dark you should get medical help.

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