If I Keep Writing

In ten years of writing I might actually write something really interesting. That’s my theory anyway.

Given enough time, a hypothetical monkey typing at random would, as part of its output, almost surely produce all of Shakespeare’s plays. (wikipedia)


I’m only one hairy human and I only have a limited amount of time so it’s unlikely I’ll produce anything like shakespeare. It would seem natural that if I practice at something every day for ten years I might get quite good at it. Instead of getting good at video games I’ve decided to try writing. I might say that video games are great because you are learning and making your own story in the game. In a game you are actively taking part instead of passively reading a book or watching TV. Better still actually imagining the whole story and writing the words yourself.


Also I consume many words on the internet and in books. But it might be better to be the creator than the consumer. If everything is the internet then it’s good for me to be in charge of a tiny corner of a small nook at the end of the web instead of the internet being totally in charge of me. I might even get good at building the internet.

So I’m hoping I’ll write something fun to read or useful or both. If not though I’ll have fun doing it and maybe learn a few things. I hope I can help people smile and be happy. I’ve just got to keep at it. πŸ™‚