An Honest Video Game Review Gets Censored on Youtube

“On the 18th of October, the developer of Day One Garry’s Incident issued a copyright strike against my channel, effectively censoring the criticism of their game. This is an account of what happened and why it should never be allowed to happen again.”

This game reviewer has a popular youtube channel where he posts his honest opinions. A developer has got one of his videos taken down for copyright infringement after having given consent for the review to be done. This is very much against the consumer’s right to see a fair and honest review before buying a product and effectively censorship. It’s a grey area as they do have the right to protect intellectual property but including video of a game in a review definitely has to qualify as fair use.

I really value reviewers that are prepared to say when a product is bad and why. Otherwise I would have bought many bad products and life would be the worse for it. If I only read what the games developers wanted me to I might have bought this shitty game, had a bad time playing it and ended up pissed off with myself and the makers of the game.


Bigirpall also did a sort of review/I broke which says the game is bad but didn’t get censored. It’s also quite amusing and gives you an idea that this game is definitely not worth buying.


Subsequently the copyright notice has been withdrawn and the developers have had humble pie for afters.