It’s The Day Of My Birth



Happy Birthday To ME!


Yep. I’m 41 today. It doesn’t feel any different or like anything special really. It never does.

I should be glad to have survived this long. Not that long ago it was very unusual for someone to live this long. So in a way my age is a sign of good luck or an a achievement. Not a great as reaching the age of 50 or 100 of course but I should count myself lucky to have passed 40 with most parts of me still present and working as they should. Add to that supportive parents that are also still alive. Plus I have a love in my life. Plus I was born in a relatively wealthy country. Well it still is at the moment. Even more good fortune.

Lots of people have wished me happiness on this day and I’ve spent time with friends and family over the weekend and I’ve got cards, gifts and a cake to prove it. More lucky still.

I’m a lucky boy and I should be grateful. I am grateful. I feel happier about it already. It is a good day. πŸ™‚




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