1337 likes on WP

I’ve got 1337 likes on this blog. Which means I am 1337. In fact I’ve got more than 1337 which means my blog is greater than 1337 or uber1337.

1337 is one of my favourite numbers because it originates in old gamer-speak or leetspeak (1337sp33k). It makes me more happy than it should that wordpress marks the achievement of 1337 likes with this little badge. The origin is the word ‘elite’ which of course means ‘the best’ and when said quickly sounds like ‘leet’. Then the number ‘1’ looks like the letter ‘l’, ‘3’ for ‘E’ and ‘7’ for ‘T’ so ‘1337’ means ‘elite’. This was popular with players of on-line games in the late 90s and the early part of this century.

So you can see that for me 13:37 is the best minute of every day and my blog is best viewed in the resolution 1337 x 1337. I like things with the number 1337 in them. It’s the king of numbers! 😉

Thanks for all the likes and for making my blog leet! 🙂