Are we missing out on life by spending too much time on the internet?

It is definitely important to balance time spent online with other activities. So it’s time for me to turn of the computer for a while. 🙂


Breaking news from the internet…. Cats are cute. Also: Dogs are cute too. This just in: Reports indicate that dogs may not be as cute as cats. And finally: Dogs have woofed off suggestions they are not as cute as cats. Cats were unavailable for comment.

If you love cats or dogs or both cats and dogs (do such people exist?), then it’s probably safe to say you love going online.

The internet is a wonderful place filled with all sorts of things, of course, but like the often repeated mantra about all of us only ever being a few feet away from a rat, you are never more than three clicks away from a picture of a cat.

No offence to dogs, who have put up a really good fight, but cats are winning the internet. In fact, they’ve already won it. If the internet was a football…

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