Vaginas and Chainsaws

As long as you’ve had some training and are wearing proper safety gear your genitals should be irrelevant. Just remember a tiny chainsaw is just as dangerous as a huge giant one. And try not to chainsaw your vagina!

Julianne Q Johnson

A couple of days ago, my mom bought me a chainsaw.  It’s a petite little thing, 1.5 horsepower, 14” blade, and it plugs in to an extension cord.  It was just what I needed to clean out all the dead pine branches at my mom and dad’s place.

I love it.

I’ve never used a chainsaw, but it’s very easy, as long as you keep safety in mind.  This one is light, and easy to handle.  I chopped down so many branches and bits of dead wood that it will take me three trips in my brother-in-laws pick-up truck to get rid of it all.  I totally destroyed those dead branches, and I enjoyed every minute of it.  I even had no trouble adjusting the chain when it got loose.  It’s a well-made, simple device.

However, what I did not enjoy was all the negative comments from certain males in…

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