Six reasons to stay in this bonfire night

LOL. Some interesting points!


Bonfire night, the stars are bright, three little angels dressed in white. Not doing anything for you? Here are six perfectly acceptable reasons not to participate in bonfire night this year.

1. Massive potential for smoke inhalation, 3rd degree burns or losing an eye

1 in 2 people sustain a firework related injury every year. (I made that statistic up). You’ll probably be fine but why take the chance when EastEnders plus a cup of hot chocolate is statistically safer?

2. Traumatised pets

You need to be there to cuddle your dog when the rockets start going off, or he’ll eat the curtains in a firework-fear-induced frenzy. Once he’s got a taste for curtains it’s a slippery slope and the next thing you know he’ll be eating linoleum for breakfast. Best nip it in the bud.

3. Dry skin

Stand by that bonfire long enough and the dewiest 18 year…

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