Weekly Photo Challenge: Sleep Habit

Weekly Photo Challenge: Habit


Lately my habit has been leaving my bed like this, unoccupied, until late. When I say lately, I mean staying up late has been a habit of a lifetime but I had been forming a good habit of going to bed earlier and I have fallen back into my old ways. I stay up until I feel tired which means I get less than 6 hours and that means I wake up tired, unwilling and unready to get up. Not ideal.

It has been regarded as wasting time to sleep. We don’t really know what it does for us. We will sleep when we’re dead. Sleep is for the weak. Lunch is for wimps.

In reality a healthy lunch will make you stronger and more able to work. If you don’t sleep enough you will die sooner. Maybe from an accident caused by tiredness. Maybe from stress exacerbated by lack of sleep. More is becoming know about how we need sleep, how important it is for our wellbeing. A good 8 hours rest will help you grow stronger and more creative. Being well rested might help reduce stress hormones which are bad for you long term. Lack of sleep increases general inflammation.

Last night I got more sleep, not enough, but more and I feel better. I’ll try to get more tonight. Good habits are sometimes hard to make but absolutely worth doing.