My Relationship With BF4….”It’s Complicated”

I feel the same way. Sometimes I love it. Sometimes it’s ‘meh’. Sometimes it’s annoying.


We will have a more “official” impressions video up shortly, but here are my thoughts right now.  One day I LOVE this game.  Sure it’s not as great as the PC version, but I still have a lot of fun.  Dice managed to squeeze every last bit of goodness in the Xbox 360 to create a shooter that will keep me busy until I upgrade to another system.  The next day I HATE this game.  Dice clearly didn’t spend much time on the current generation console versions of this game.  This game isn’t a huge improvement over BF3, but it barely even manages to run right.

Yea…we are still working on the impressions video.

Lol enjoy!

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