Why I Hate Battlefield 4



I’ve been playing Battlefield 4, the latest instalment in the Battlefield series of video games. I enjoy it some of the time which is not that good for an activity I do for fun. Lots of the time it’s annoying and feels unfair. I’ll try and explain why.

This is a gun game so the gun you have is central to how the game plays. When you start playing the multiplayer game the gun you start with seems to be highly inferior. Most encounters you will lose out unless you can sneak up on someone which is going to be difficult as all the places are new to you. So you start out by dying every time the other team sees you. So you try and work it out and yes it seems everyone else has unlocked much better guns already, unless you had the time to play the game an inhuman amount as soon as it came out. I’m guessing your average gamer doesn’t have that time so this makes the game pretty elitist. Yes the starting line-up of guns are not good all-rounders and you have to play several hours before you can get better ones. Which can be frustrating.


These are all the guns there are to unlock. Until the expansions bring even more.

These are some of the guns there are to unlock. Until the expansions bring even more.


Why make you play your first hours of a game in a scenario which is less than fun? No-one likes to face unfair odds where the chances are you won’t win.

You have to try to find out which of the better guns is the one to try and get. This is where the meta-game comes in and the elite have already played this game and have found out and got the best gun and have been beating you with it. There are websites such as symthic where helpful people have extracted data from the game code for you to look at. Then you have to watch youtube videos where other gamers explain which is the best gun. None of this is explained well in the game or on the official website.

I have played several battelfield games before and many a shooter and it’s work for me so it seems there is no way this can appeal to a complete novice at FPS games. A good game needs a mix of skill levels not just those that play every day for hours working on their stats.



And then when you start out with each gun anyway you get a broken version of it. What I mean is that each gun can have various accessories in four slots on each weapon. Each accessory improves then gun in a small but significant way which stacks up to the difference from a very weak gun to the best gun. But you have to unlock the accessories for each gun by getting hundreds of kills with that gun. Which is no fun as it seems at first like the gun doesn’t work at all. Plus you have to somehow know which ones work well for which gun and it’s not intuitive at all. So you go back to the meta-game and watch youtube videos like the one above to find out. It’s way more complicated than battlefield 3.

Some like all the stats but many just won’t get it and that just makes the game plain unfair and un-fun. You can’t have a good gun unless you play for hours and spend more time scouring the internet for information on the game? No fair. No fun!

And then there are all the unlocks for all the vehicles which some seem to have already. Some of the vehicle weapons seem pretty weak and some very powerful. So that’s a whole another level of unfairness and un-fun until you have then unlocked and worked out which ones are good.

So I hate it and yet I really like it as well.


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