Why I Love Battlefield 4

Image Courtesy of Eurogamer

Sometimes I love playing Battlefield 4. You can have amazing virtual experiences there. Fly a jet fighter or an attack helicopter. Drive a tank, a rapid gun-boat, a jeep or a quad bike at speed over realistic terrain. Parachute from a helicopter onto a skyscraper. Base-jump from the roof to the streets below.

You can get crushed inside that skyscraper as it collapses to rubble. You could get run over by a tank. You can be mashed by an out of control battleship as it beaches itself on an island. You could be squashed flat by a massive chunk of concrete from a collapsing dam. Or pancaked by a 900-ton platform falling from an astronomical observatory. Or simply stabbed by a man.


All of it’s fun because it’s not real, it’s in a game and it’s shared with 64 other people online.


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