Monthly Archive: November, 2013


Here are some photos of Cartagena from our holiday in Spain. It’s an interesting place and we only saw a small amount of what there is to see there. 🙂 Related articles Colegio Santa… Continue reading

Six reasons to stay in this bonfire night

LOL. Some interesting points!


Last night was guy fawkes night so I spent time with family having snacks like parkin cake and mulled wine and some small fireworks and a small bonfire. It’s nice to spend time… Continue reading

Guadelest, Spain

While visiting the Costa Blanca we visited the photogenic but tourist-trap-ish hillside town of Guadelest. The town clings to the rocks above the beautiful valley and lake below. I took many photos and… Continue reading

Battlefield 4 Campaign Review

Sounds like the campaign might actually be worth a look then! I bought BF4 for the multiplayer without a thought for the campaign.

Vaginas and Chainsaws

Originally posted on Julianne Q Johnson:
A couple of days ago, my mom bought me a chainsaw.  It’s a petite little thing, 1.5 horsepower, 14” blade, and it plugs in to an extension…

Algar Waterfalls

While we were in Spain we visited Algar Waterfalls (Les Fonts de l’Algar / Fuentes del Algar). We discovered a beautiful place which has been made accessible to tourists for a few euros. If… Continue reading

Are we missing out on life by spending too much time on the internet?

It is definitely important to balance time spent online with other activities. So it’s time for me to turn of the computer for a while. 🙂

Buy-buy to reality: House prices up £50,000 in one month

House prices continue to rise even more ridiculously high. Where will it end?


I’ve got 1337 likes on this blog. Which means I am 1337. In fact I’ve got more than 1337 which means my blog is greater than 1337 or uber1337. 1337 is one of… Continue reading

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