Weekly Photo Challenge: City/Community

Weekly Photo Challenge: Community


We saw this mural while in Alicante. It loosely translates as “3 Local Poems: My Wild City” and the rest I’m guessing is poetry. It has character and to paint ‘Mi Ciudad’, ‘My City’ on a wall gives a sense of a strong community. While we were sitting there we soaked up the local character and did feel part of that community even though we were only visiting for the day..

My deserted beach
Like a turtle
Shrinks and extends
Stretches and wrinkles

My serpentine street
Like a snake
Fills with mist
And swallows the people

My house is hiding
Like a snail
Close the blinds
And light a lamp

Here is a link to the wall before a doorway was cut into it: http://www.enamoradosdealicante.com/mi-ciudad-salvaje/