Lets Make 2014 Happier!

Happy New Year

Happy New Year Everyone!

It’s the start of 2014 and it’s a traditional time to make resolutions to make new habits or break old ones. This is a hard thing to do. ‘Old habits die hard’ is a well worn saying but still true.

How did on we do with last year’s resolutions? Forgive yourself for what didn’t go so well. It’s never easy. Congratulate yourself on good things you achieved.

My resolution this year is simply to work on happiness. I want to do what I can to be happy. I want to spread happiness.

Here are three simple things I try to do every day to be happier. I posted this earlier in 2013 and I think it’s worth posting again.  I did well on all three for a few months but the meditation has lapsed. I’m doing all three this morning though.


1. Drink a mug of water when you get up. Really easy. It’s the first thing I do. You body will be dehydrated after 9 hours with no food or drink so let’s fix that straight away. If you’re hydrated you will feel better all day. One minute to fill a mug or glass and chug it down is worth doing.

Glass | Water | Light | Shadow


2. Mindfulness Meditation. If I haven’t got much time I will do a three minute guided mindfulness meditation. If I have more time I’ll do ten minutes. It is scientifically proven to make you happier and easy to do. Download links here: Free Mindfulness Meditation mp3. More about how Mindfulness can make you happier.



3. Find the happy face app. If you have an android or apple smart phone, you can get a free app called psychmeup. It takes about a minute. There is science behind it and I can feel myself smiling as I tap on the smiling faces. Well worth the time.

find the happy face


A good book on mindfulness: The Happiness Trap (Based on ACT: A revolutionary mindfulness-based programme for overcoming stress, anxiety and depression)