Who Am I and What Is This Blog?


I’m taking part in the Zero to Hero challenge to help improve my blog here and see where that takes me. I have already been blogging here since May but there is always room for improvement! The first task is to write and publish a “who I am and why I’m here” post. Here goes…

So, who am I? I’m a 41 year old Englishman. I work in an office most of the time. I recently got engaged. In my spare time I try to keep fit and eat healthy and I’ve been working out and modifying my diet and lifestyle since my late teens.  I write my blog, watch TV and films, listen to music etc. All the normal stuff. My favourite way to waste time is video games, usually FPS, lately Battlefield 4.

I’m trying out blogging to see where writing can take me as well as to learn about how to make my own little corner of the internet mine. I want to write about happiness as part of my resolution to work on happiness. Mindfulness is a great tool for life and is proven to improve your outlook so I will be learning and practicing mindfulness all year and writing about what I find. Making better habits is another road to happiness so that will be in this blog. Health and fitness as well are at the core of our wellbeing so I intend to share good thoughts and practical advice on those subjects as well. I like writing stories as well and for the moment those will be in the mix here as well. So my blog is about health, happiness, fun stuff, stories and a bit of everything.