Christmas Made Me Fat

In truth just a little bit fatter.

It’s been a good holiday and we did things that made me happy. Then I stepped on to the scales for the first time since Christmas and I wasn’t happy with what I saw.


I did feel bloated and my trousers are tight. A couple of weeks ago, before the festivities, I weighed 87.6kg. Afterwards I weigh 90.4kg. I know it’s normal to gain a little Xmas weight but that’s a huge 2.8kg or 6lb gain in a couple of weeks! It would be nice if it was lean gains but it will be all fat seeing as I did no real exercise over the holiday. We did some walking but I don’t see that as exercise.

So why did this happen? Lots of sugary food eaten with little thought about how many calories I was eating. Several meals out where there was no information about how much I was about to eat. So my eating was out of control. According to my body-fat calipers I’m at 13% which I can live with. I’m not trying to have a six pack. But. If I do this every year for 10 years and don’t fix it, that would be a gain of 60lb fat and that would be a bad thing.

So what will I do? Maybe just go back to my usual routine but so far that hasn’t changed anything. Maybe drop 500 Calories a day but that probably won’t do anything. Maybe some intermittent fasting for just 2 weeks will counteract 2 weeks of bad diet.