Measuring Bodyfat or How Fat Am I?

I’m feeling bloated after Christmas and my clothes are tight. But how bad is it really?

I like to measure things. So how do you measure your fatness? The first tool is the weighing scales. The second is simple, cheap plastic calipers with which you take a skin fold measurement or ‘pinch an inch’. You then take the meansurement and use a simple age vs skin fold chart which gives your body fat percentage. Here is a video showing how it’s done.

Here is a link where you can buy one:

Body fat calipers on Amazon UK


So, my measurement is 9mm and I’m 41. By the chart I’m about 13% fat, which is in the healthy range. I weigh 90kg, so 90 x 0.13 = 11.7kg of fat or 11.7 x 2.21 = ~26lb. Lean mass is 90 x 0.87 = 78.3kg or 78.3 x 2.21 = 173lb. Here is another good video on the subject: