A Tiny Story About Peace

This week I discovered Bloggers for peace when looking for a blog event to take part in. Here is the link: We Can Make a Difference–Right Here, Right Now by Kozo Hattori

So I’m going to devote a post to Peace. Peace is a good thing. How do I make more peace? I don’t know. Here’s a story.


An old woman and a girl sit on a grassy hillside high above a village.

‘How does the village look down there?’

‘Everyone looks tiny. It’s quiet.’

‘And what else? How are they?’

‘I know! It’s peaceful in the village! And all around here!’

‘Yes that’s right, they are peaceful. Why is that, Liathara?’

‘Because of the Dragon!’

‘You were listening then? I thought you might be daydreaming during our lesson.’

‘I do appreciate your teaching Clare. Really, I do. I need to learn. I wasn’t daydreaming, I was thinking about what you were saying. Really. Is it really OK that that everyone is scared of the Dragon?’

‘The dragon scares away the bad people. The evil men. If there was no Dragon here, they would come and hurt the people, take their food and worse. Worse than you know.’

‘That was why the Dragon was needed, to scare off the army in olden times.’

‘Good. You do remember my history lessons! We needed something to save us from an army of angry men and a Dragon was the answer. If we didn’t have the Dragon, these lands would be ruled by an evil lord.’

‘So fear is needed to bring peace? We have to fear the other people and everyone has to fear the Dragon?’

‘Yes. That’s how it works.’

‘But what if everyone was happy?’

‘Everyone should be happy. We have peace.’

‘All my life in the village I was afraid. We all wanted to be happy, but we were scared the dragon might take us. We wondered when men might come to slay the dragon and take our food.’

‘Yes. Sometimes when men fear a thing it makes them want to fight and kill. Many men have come to slay our Dragon. It never ends well. We need fear of the Dragon to keep the peace, but fear breeds resentment and anger. A great shame.’

‘Can we bring peace and happiness instead of fear?’

‘If only we could.’

‘Maybe if the other people were happy instead of scared and angry they might not want to make war. They might realise we are just people like them. They might want to be our friends.’

‘Maybe. Just maybe.’


I hope you liked my story and got my meaning. Here are some pages about peace.