Is Intermittent Fasting Any Good?

In my previous post I talked about how Christmas Made Me Fat(er) to the tune of 2.8Kg over just two weeks. I dropped my calories from 2800 per day to about 2500 and I’ve lost most of the gained weight, down from 90.4 to 88.7kg. I’m not satisfied though. I feel bloated and my stomach area is still a little soft.



This is what I think I’ll see if I look down. A big belly.


OK it’s not that bad for me. I can still see most of my feet but I just want to lean up a bit. I’m currently at about 13% body fat. I’m going to try Intermittent Fasting (IF) for two weeks and see what it does for me. IF is supposed to have health benefits and be particularly good for getting lean.

There are various approaches to IF. In the past I tried eating normally for 5 days of the week and fasting for two and I did lose weight but I also lost muscle mass. Not eating for a whole 24 hours can lead to dehydration and constipation so it wan’t that enjoyable. I did get my body fat down to about 8% but I just looked skinny.

This time I’m trying the version  of IF where you restrict your eating to 8 hours of the day. Simply put, for me, that means no breakfast or morning snacks. You eat your lunch after 12 and have an evening meal 6 to 7pm, then eat no more until the next lunch time.

I’m eating an 800 Calorie meal at lunch time containing about 50g of protein and 30g fat or 30% fat by Calories.  In the evening I eat a similar meal plus a piece of fruit at around 100 calories for a total of 1700 per day. I’m working out every other day after work and I have 20g of whey protein after each workout.

That’s quite simple I think.

Here’s what I look like after 1 week. The tricky art of the selfie. I never think I look good in these. I think I’m going to up my daily calories to 1900 as I don’t want to harm myself by going too low. I’m definitely of the opinion that fasting is only for the short term and definitely not to be done for a long time. It’s hard work on your body.


Picture 13


The Hodge Twins have a popular NSFW YouTube channel called Fasting Twins. They do use the F word but they are pretty funny if aggressive. They claim IF has worked for them.



Update: After 2 weeks of IF my weight is 86.6kg. That’s a loss of 2.1kg or 4.6lb. My skin fold measurement is down from 9mm to 7mm. That takes me from 13% body fat to about 12% or a 1%loss. Body fat is notoriously hard to impossible to measure accurately. To be honest I don’t feel leaner.

I have to say that after trying different types of IF I don’t know if it works that well for me or if it’s that good for my health. It’s a way of reducing the time you have to take in calories. However taking control of your diet and your calories is more important. If you want to lose weight then doing it slowly by a gradual reduction of calories to a level where the weight starts to come off a few pounds a month is more sensible and more healthy.

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