How To Forgive

Welcome to my little place of forgiving. Come on in and make yourself comfortable. It is safe here. You are forgiven. What for? For everything you want to be forgiven for. You can forgive anything you want to.

I just finished the Forgiveness Challenge by Desmond & Mpho Tutu. Now I would like to spread the word of forgiving.

I practiced how to forgive during this 30 day challenge, which took me 3 months to actually work through. It wasn’t the easiest thing to do as you have to think about bad experiences and unhappy feelings but each part is a small step and I kept coming back to it. Having completed the challenge, I feel like learning to move on and not hold ill feelings can make us better people.

Archbishop-Tutu-medium.jpg “Archbishop-Tutu-medium“. Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons.

At that start of the challenge I said to myself I would like to forgive myself for mistakes I have made and I would like to be more forgiving of others. I said that feelings of unforgiving make me feel angry and stressed and I find myself becoming withdrawn and unsociable. After two days of simple exercises I found that when I forgive quickly I feel light and happy. It feels so much easier to not hold a grudge.

I find it hard to accept that people will not change. I hold on to the idea that we can change them but in truth we can’t. We have to accept people as they are and appreciate their humanity. We are all fragile and fallible and most of all we all make mistakes. This has made me understand more about why we hurt each other. We are all human and we all do hurtful things. I am becoming more understanding.

The person I admire for strength in forgiveness is Gandhi. He was able to forgive those that struck out at him and not retaliate. That must have taken huge strength. It’s important to realise that forgiving is not ‘giving in’, it is strength. The strength to forgive those who would hurt you or those you care about and carry on doing what is good and what is right.

Through the forgiveness challenge I have learned that I can be quick to apologize and ready to forgive. I can encourage others to forgive. I can be ready to forgive all people. I can write about forgiveness in my blog. We must learn to accept that you cannot change people. Forgiveness can ease pain and suffering.

Now, here is a photo of a swan:


Please try the forgiveness challenge. I dare you. Are you brave enough to forgive and ask for forgiveness? I hope I will be in the future.

“The Forgiveness Challenge will help you discover how the act of forgiving can bring more love and peace to your life. When enough of us forgive – we can change the world!”

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