Facebook 3 Positives a Day

I have been challenged on Facebook to say 3 positive things each day for… I don’t know how long. Here goes for today.


  1. The love of my life has returned home happy after a weekend away seeing her mum and her friends. She had a good time. I’m glad she’s back.
  2. It’s a bank holiday, so I have a free day off work to spend with my love.
  3. I live in a wonderful country where I have freedom to enjoy life.


OK, so I searched for ‘facebook 3 positives’ and it’s supposed to be 5 days of 3 positives, according to someone on Yahoo answers.

“According to American researchers, people’s moods on Facebook are contagious. If someone posts a negative status or comment, it can make anyone reading it feel just as miserable.”

So, I think it’s more important to not post negative stuff on Facebook. At all. Ever.

Every time you go to facebook, think about writing something positive and forget the negative you were going to say. It would be a better challenge to write one positive thing every day for a month or why not a year or for ever. Now, for ever might seem a long time, but writing one positive thing is such a tiny, easy thing to do.

Some say that practicing gratitude every day can make you a happier person, so why not give it a try. Be grateful for any small, good thing in life each day. It will be worth your time in the long run. 🙂