Photography 101: Castle Hill Landmark

Photography 101: Landmark

“Today, head outside and photograph a landmark. You can capture all or part of it; place it in the foreground and make it your focal point; or include it in the background.”

In part of Yorkshire there is a tower on a hill that can be seen for miles around. I photographed it in the misty distance, still tiny under 18x zoom. I had some time and I wondered if I could take photos from closer for today’s challenge. SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES Not being from the area I didn’t know what this landmark was called. With a little searching on my ‘phone I read about Castle Hill and Victoria Tower on yelp. That sounds like it! So I headed off, guided by satnav. SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES It was a little adventure finding my way to this place, with occasional views of the tower on the way as I drew closer. SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES   I liked the way this windswept tree reached out to the tower as I climbed the steps to the top of the hill and I started to experiment with different angles and perspectives. SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES According to Kirklees Council:

“Standing over 900 feet above sea level, Castle Hill dominates the local landscape, providing spectacular, often windswept views. The site is a scheduled ancient monument. More information about its history can be found in displays at Tolson Museum.”

The view and winds up there take your breath away. It was quite thrilling in a way! SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES   I like this shot, taking in the close detail of the tower as well as the far landscape. On the horizon you can just about make out the spike of Emley Moor mast, another landmark. the views are great, you can see for miles, despite the mist. It’s difficult to convey that feeling in pictures but I tried anyway!   SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES For contrast I aligned the massive, distant tower by a near, small, wooden signal tower on the hill. Castle Hill 7   Hope you like the photos! I enjoyed taking them. 🙂