Day Two: A Room with a View

“Today’s Prompt: If you could zoom through space in the speed of light, what place would you go to right now?”


If I could be anywhere right now, it wouldn’t be room 101. It would be room 112, Healds Hall Hotel in Yorkshire.



It was our wedding night, we were near exhausted after a long, wonderful,  emotional-roller-coaster of a day. The bed is large and luxurious, warm and welcoming. Soft and compliant and yet firm and solid. A wonderful place to roll around and snuggle up with my new wife. A great comfort to my tired body.





The room is larger than we are used to, spacious and light, with classic furnishings. It felt opulent and luxurious to us.



The fireplace is a great feature and makes me wonder if this was the master bedroom when the place was first built in the 1700s.


The marble tiled bathroom feels large and classy as well. A great place for a long deep bath with candles!

I do wish to be there now. We will likely return there for an anniversary one year.