Writing 101: Three Wedding Songs

“Today’s Prompt: Write about the three most important songs in your life — what do they mean to you?”


This one’s easy for me but all wedding related as we got married just a few days ago.

The first would be Saint-Saens Symphony number 3 ‘Organ’. My wife wanted to walk down the aisle to this ever since she was little and she got her wish. I liked it but it didn’t tug my heart strings until our wedding day. It turned out to be very emotional for many people in that room, most of all me! I wonder if I will get something in my eye every time I hear it from now on.

Next would be ‘One Step at a Time’ by Del Amitri. My wife chose this for our first dance and now I have heard it many times as we practiced, I like it and it may well always be ‘our song’

Finally, ‘All You Need Is Now’ by Duran Duran. We both like the band and this one is my favourite from their newest album. The words have meaning for me, in that it’s important to remember to savour the moment and not get lost in thoughts. This was played after our wedding ceremony.