Writing 101: Long Term Love

Writing 101: Day Twelve

Today’s Prompt: Write a post inspired by a real-world conversation.



Sometimes couples live together as friends more than lovers or at least it seems that way.

Recently I had a conversation with my wife about what would happen if we fell out of love. Not a great conversation you might think and it has had me thinking in quiet minutes so I thought it would be an idea to write about it here. It just came out of the blue, not after a row or anything. We are good. We are in love. She asked me this and my answer was that we would still live together but as friends. Living together saves both of us money on rent and other bills. So it’s worth living together even if you’re not in love.

It made me think of all the couple who have been married for decades and they don’t seem that ‘lovey-dovey’. They hang around together like good friends. I wonder if maybe they just stay together out of convenience.  Plus they still value the companionship. It’s worth staying together in the long run even if it might seem hard work at times.

Some couples are like love-birds even after all those years. That’s very cute even if it doesn’t seem all that common. I would like to be that way. I’m wondering if many couples still feel that way inside but they stop wanting to show it. Which makes the rest of us think they aren’t so much in love any more when really they are. Not fair! I think it’s worth showing and demonstrating affection.

Anyway, we are still newly-wed and very much in love. Our bond is still getting deeper and stronger. Even when we disagree. I hope we will be deeply and obviously in love for a very long time.