How To Buy Wedding Rings

Back when I proposed to my beloved fiancée I thought that men’s wedding rings were pretty simple things. A gold or platinum band. I rarely noticed if someone was wearing one. Now I have to buy mine and it’s become complicated.

My other half’s rings were pretty easy to sort out. We went to three or four shops one day in Huddersfield and in one of those we found a second hand engagement ring that she loves and it wasn’t expensive. Then we found a gold wedding band in an assortment of old rings she has been handed down. It cost just £30 to be re-sized and it’s really pretty and we’re very happy with it. So that was her rings organised in a few simple steps.




We need a wedding ring for me. A simple man’s gold band. When we want into a jeweller’s it wasn’t simple. They have a sample box with about 70 rings to try. What metal do you want, 9 carat or 18 carat? What shape, court or flat or D shape, heavy medium or light? What width, from 2mm to 9mm? Etcetera, etcetera. On the first two visits to different jeweller’s we ended up getting distracted by her jewellery and got nowhere with my ring. I did decide that anything under 6mm wide probably looks wrong. I decided to have a look on-line. And of course some sellers are much cheaper than the high street, but the amount of choice expands exponentially the more you look.




Lots of Rings


For my birthday recently I got a lovely rose gold watch and I’ve found that I love the colour of rose gold. It sounds like it would be more feminine, a pink gold, but if anything it looks less feminine on me than yellow gold and definitely more masculine than silver. So that’s the colour decided. I want a rose gold wedding ring and I don’t mind if it’s 9 carats or 18 but 9 carat is cheaper. A look on-line and I can see that 9ct rose gold men’s wedding rings can be had cheap enough. A visit to the jewellery shops thinking I know what I want and they come up with prices that are more than I want to spend on my ring. So that’s a sort of dead end.



I did get some good advice to find something to get used to wearing a ring. I found a few wedding rings on eBay for about £3 delivered and bought them to try out. This is my favourite one, which I’ve worn for a few weeks now and I’m getting used to it. It’s gold plated stainless steel, court shape and 6mm wide.




I don’t like the sharp edges though. It’s painful if someone squeezes my hand or when lifting in the gym, which makes those edges cut into my fingers. The edge could get caught on something at work or in the gym and my finger cut off. I would like something more flat but rounded at the edges. The Wedding Rings Direct website has these words of advice:


I don’t know what will suit me and be comfortable – can you help? Many people, especially men, find choosing a wedding ring a surprisingly daunting task – there’s such a vast range of designs, shapes and metals to choose from! We have a sample service where you can order a selection of rings in different shapes, to try on and decide what is going to be the most comfortable. Our double-comfort rings, in particular, are especially popular with people who are not used to wearing rings.”

Double Comfort

I’m not the only one, many men find this a difficult choice! I’m planning to wear this uncomfortable metal band on my finger for the rest of my life, so it needs to be right. Looking at the double comfort rings they look the most unobtrusive shape, rounded in the right places. I ordered a sample to try in 5mm, as well as a 7mm flat sided court. When they arrived, 7mm is too wide and flat sided court has quite sharp edges, like the ‘standard court’, but the double comfort is definitely the most comfortable ring I’ve tried on although the 5mm width is definitely too narrow.

During this process I’ve found myself noticing wedding rings people are wearing. It seems every man has a different ring. Some wear rings other than wedding rings. Soon, I had another look at wedding rings online and I found that there are so many different finishes, patterns and textures available. My best man has a wedding ring with a Celtic design, maybe that’s a good idea. Should I get a leopard pattern, a bark pattern, a tiger stripe? All are possible.

So much confusion!

With a bit of research, Double Comfort shape is also called Cushion Comfort ‘Bombe Court‘ or ‘Comfort Fit‘. Those three names seem to mean the same thing! I went ahead and ordered a 6mm bombe court style ring in rose gold from my favourite local jeweller. It was worth trying a few jewellers and getting prices as they varied from over £400 to the £275 I actually paid for the same ring.


I’m happily married now and the ring above sits comfortably on my finger. I take it off for heavy work such as weight lifting, mostly to save the ring from getting scratched.

You can buy a similar ring online from Amazon:
18K Rose Gold Traditional Classic Men’s Comfort Fit Wedding Band (6mm)

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