How To: My 10 Tips For The Groom’s Wedding Speech

A year ago today we got married. Some months before that I started worrying about ‘The Speech’. I wanted it to be good. I wanted to say how happy I was to be getting married. I spent some time each day looking up what you’re expected to say and trying to write something funny, loving and grateful. I think it was mostly successful. Here are my tips:

  1. Start well in advance.
  2. Start an online document. Google drive works. Now you can read and work on your speech anywhere on your phone, PC etc.
  3. Do some research online. is a good place to start. Make notes in your document.
  4. Spend a few minutes every day working on it.
  5. Think about how much you love you fiancee, how grateful you are for any help you are getting and how happy you are to be getting wed.
  6. When it’s done, read it you yourself. Quietly out loud if you can.
  7. Re-write or remove any parts you don’t feel happy about.
  8. Practice reading out loud.
  9. Repeat those last two as many times as you need until the ‘Big Day’.
  10. Enjoy it on the day. Remember to speak up so everyone can hear you. Smile. Someone will smile back. Relish that moment. 🙂




Here is what I wrote:

Thanks Tom for such a great speech.

Thanks everyone for coming. Are we having a good time? I made a note here: Everyone is supposed to cheer at this point! Are we having fun? Let me hear it! Yeah!

We’ve been planning this party since August and at times it’s felt a little bit crazy but I’m glad it turned out OK. To be honest, I’m grateful just to be getting married. A few years ago I didn’t know I wanted this and I didn’t know I could find anyone, let alone someone so nice. Now, we’re here and I’m delighted it’s turned out so well and I’m glad that so many of you are here.

I’d like to thank Chris, our hotel manager for putting up with bridezilla and groomzilla and our many email requests over the past few months.

In a way we have been preparing for this moment for all of our lives. I just hope we don’t spend the rest of our time regretting it. I don’t think we will. Either way, at least everyone got a good party out of our madness! (LOL).

Thankyou from both of us to everyone that helped to make our day special. So many of you have helped us along the way.

{{Emma gift to Jenny}}

Thanks Linden for taking on so many tasks (give gift) heres a little token from us.

Thanks Anna for helping with the cake, the favours and the invites, thanks Nix for the table plan and laurel wreaths. Everyone else that helped, you know who you are and you have our thanks. We’re really grateful for this celebration of our love.

Now I’d like to propose a toast to my lovely wife, Emma. Doesn’t she look radiant in such a beautiful dress?


Just an excuse to wet my whistle really!

I’m bursting with pride that you agreed to be with me for the rest of our lives. I’m grateful to have a wife at all when so many are lonely. I would be happy with just someone but you’re so much more, you’re the world to me.Thank you. I love you.

I would like to thank David and Julie for bringing Emma into the world and raising her. David, I’m told, was a wonderful father. Julie was a lovely person, full of fun and will be very much missed. I will always remember when I asked Julie for Emma’s hand. She nodded yes with a beaming smile. She was so happy for us. Thank you Julie.

I would also like to thank my parents, John and Linden, all my family and everyone in my life for making me someone worth marrying. I’m grateful to have so much support.

Next, a toast to the bridesmaids. Happy birthday to Lilly and Maisie. I hope you’re both having fun today. Four years old today. Happy Birthday!

Thanks Jennifer as well. Cheers

I’m going to end with a little joke: What’s slightly giddy, 6 foot tall and looks a like a cross between a penguin and a cheshire cat?

And now the best man!