Photo Study : Sunflowers

In the spring I placed some seeds in the soil, hoping to see beautiful flowers later on. Some weeks later, plants had grown up and the buds started to open.

IMG_20170731_192033 (2)

This one I think looks more interesting in monochrome. There is something pleasing about the structure of a flower even without the colour.

IMG_20170731_192017 (2)

Our Sunsation sunflowers really started to bloom, bringing colour to our garden. They are a hybrid dwarf version with many branches and flowers per plant, unlike a ‘standard’ sunflower.

IMG_20170819_134034 (2)

They also attracted and fed the local bees:

IMG_20170828_134949 (2)

I found it difficult to take ‘good’ photo of them even though there were many blooms over several weeks. Either the light wasn’t good, it was impossible to get focus as they nodded in the breeze or I couldn’t frame it right. Maybe they are not so photogenic, just too common or yellow on green lacks drama.

IMG_20170918_073808 (2)

This is the best of the macro shots I tried to take. Even in the best of them there is not much in focus.

IMG_20170918_073914 (2)

They lasted for a good time but now the flowers all faded we pulled up the plants. The seeds are no use as hybrids are sterile. Like so many things they were temporary but good while they were here.

I think this fits The Daily Post Photo Challenge: Temporary