Flower of the Day: Poinsettia photo study

IMG_20171213_080605 (2)

Our Poinsettia is flowering again. We bought a small one last year and it looked good for Christmas and then seemed to die off but then it’s grown much bigger and it’s radiant again this December.

IMG_20171128_093614 (2)

In November the leaves started to change from lush green to luminous red.

IMG_20171128_093536 (2)

This macro shows the change across the leaf.

IMG_20170917_161558 (2)

Back in September the leaves were fully green and from this perspective the plant is like a jungle.

IMG_20170917_161530 (2)

In this macro you can see the velvety texture.

IMG_20170917_161442 (2)

I took this macro with the sun shining through the leaf to show the structure.

I hope you enjoyed our Poinsettia! ๐Ÿ™‚

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