Photos: 2017 Favorites

IMG_20170326_192936_1 (2)

This might not be my best photo of the year but it’s one of the most meaningful. This cherry tree is our first major planting in our garden since we moved here and also a generous gift from my parents. We waited from autumn to spring to see signs of life and it favoured us with a few delicate blooms, the first of many as the tree grows each year.

I looked through my 2017 photo folders and these are a couple that didn’t get published at the time but I’m pleased with.

IMG_20170919_185417 (2)

This is taken at Eling toll bridge in September. Just a quick snap to catch the sunset as we were out walking. The millpond are is often photogenic and on this occasion was as still as a figurative millpond. This shot happens to be well framed and lit without much editing.


This is a bee that I rescued from the washing line post-hole, which was full of water. I heard a loud buzzing and found the bee, so I offered it this stick to climb out on.

IMG_20170720_181010 (2)

IMG_20170615_142943 (2)

These are just butterflies I spotted in our garden. I love it that nature likes our garden. 🙂


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