Why do I write this Blog?



I’m looking down the length of my blog and I’m thinking about what to do with it. I haven’t written much here recently and you’re probably not wondering why. You’ve forgotten about my blog and so have I. Sort of.

Ever since I started this blog I’ve been thinking about what I’m currently writing or what I’m going to write next but lately I’ve just not had the energy to do it. It could be because it feels pointless as I’m not making any money or fame from this. Those are not the reasons I started this although it has occurred to me I could make money as successful writer. If I was any good and I had lots of luck.

I’ve looked into affiliate links and I’ve made several pounds but not enough to be worth my time and maybe I need to sideline that somewhat as that’s not why I wanted to do this. I started because writing is good for my mind and helps me to feel better. But. I would also like to make a little money for the articles that I’ve written that make a difference to people while still enjoying it.

Good articles go beyond just blurting out some words. Yes you do that but then you edit it, research it further, add useful links, find or make some images to illustrate and break up the text. It starts to feel like some work that needs some reward. The shares and likes and comments are rewarding but I yearn for more than that and some of the posts I put more work into get none that, barely even a read and I don’t know why.

I could pay for a ‘pro’ wordpress site which pays me advertising revenue etc but would it pay for itself? According to my stats I’m just on the cusp of that being worthwhile. I’m not sure if anyone can advise me on that and it just feels like a gamble.

This bit of writing has helped my thought process on this and helped me remember why I blog. If you have any advice for me please write it in a comment or on my facebook page. Even if it’s grammar, spelling or other errors!


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