F1: Silverstone Grand Prix As Seen From Abbey Grandstand

My wife and I have long been fans of motor sport and Formula One in particular. We have been to the Silverstone grand prix previously and last year we decided to treat ourselves again. We chose Abbey Grandstand as it has good views of the start/finish line on the Hamilton straight as well as the first corner and distant views of the second corner and last corner.

A view of Silverstone first corner from Abbey

As we settled down to watch to build up to the main race I took a couple of photos. Above you can see the last corner, Club from my seat as well as the grid.

Looking to the left there is the first corner, Abbey and that’s where lots of action happens at the start of a race.

With a zoom lens or binocular you can see some of the pit garages, which can give you an idea if someone is coming in for tyres or a new wing.

You can see Lewis Hamilton’s pink hat in the above zoom lens photo while he was being interviewed on the grid.

We also had a TV screen straight ahead which is essential for watching all the action on other parts of the track and following the race in general. Above you can see Lewis Hamilton on the screen as he is being interviewed.

Panoramic view of the Hamilton straight from Abbey Grandstand seat.

I took a panorama shot with my phone to show the full view of the Hamilton straight from my seat. I always prefer a covered stand and on this weekend it was well worth it as the sun was so hot and burning. Normally in the UK you need the cover for rain but this weekend it was too hot instead.

Before the race there was a parachute team display, a military marching band and servicemen & women displaying the Union Jack and a Red Arrows display.

The cars line up on the grid and then they’re off and the Grand Prix excitement really starts. It was a good race to watch with a first lap crash at Copse corner which attracted some controversy. Hamilton got a 10 second penalty which he was able to overcome with some inspired driving encouraged by a vocal crowd and overtake Leclerc in the last few laps to take the win at the end.

I recorded a few clips of the race from my seat and this is the best of them. It’s just with my phone and I’m not that good at filming motorsport but it should give you a good feel for what it’s like to watch from where I was sitting.

And I filmed the finish with Hamilton winning and a huge cheer from the crowd. It makes my hair stand on end re-watching it, it was such an elated feeling!

Was it worth the money, time and effort to be there? Yes! Is it good to be back enjoying sport with a big crowd again? Oh yes!