#bloganuary 21: Time Travel

Todays prompt is: ‘If you could, what year would you time travel to and why?’

If time travel was possible that would mean science is wrong about some fundamental laws of nature such as thermodynamics. It would open up some interesting possibilities while breaking the world as we know it. Simply going back in time and talking to myself would be a paradox as I might then decide not to travel back to see my old self and then that past conversation didn’t happen so I did decide to time travel. All that mind bending stuff has been done in various books, tv shows and films with differing levels of detachment from science, logic and reality in general.

You might want to travel back to see various flora and fauna that no longer exist or past world events but the past was a very dangerous place for a human and you’re quite likely to be killed by something of someone or simply encounter terrible misery and deprivation and generally find yourself out of your depth. The future could also be interesting but it might not be as wonderful as you might hope. There could be an environmental or human disaster and you would certainly be as a fish out of water with the future technology and lifestyle.

I might considering travelling back to see VE day or England win the world cup in 1966 as those were great events and times to be celebrated but then again would it be the same to be there as an outsider, not part of it all?

Closer to home I might like to go back and re-live my wedding day. That was a very happy day indeed! Then again I can go back there in my memory and re-live it any time I want. We have photos and video as well which can be like time travel. In fact we have images of many past events which can take us there in our imagination. So pictures, video or even books can take us where we want without having to physically go there and suffer any downsides or reality breaking paradoxes!

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