#bloganuary 23: Interview

Todays prompt is: ‘Interview a fictional character.’

Hi! Welcome to the interview show. Thanks from taking some time out to talk to us. Tell us a little about yourself.

Hi, So I work in videogames. You won’t have heard of me as I don’t get on to the credits. The guy that coded me will, but not me. We do all the work though.

What kind of work is it you do?

I do what you guys call the ‘Grunt work’, we run around following orders. Sometimes we’re told to patrol back and forth, sometimes just stand around guarding. Easy work most of the time. We’re not even expected to look left and right, just forwards. Sometimes you can hear this guy creeping around but we’re told we can only react if someone is in front of us. That’s pretty creepy.

Easy but creepy. It must be really spooky knowing someone is around but not being allowed to go and look.

Yeah, it really is. More so when you go round the corner and the other guard that was there is just gone. So at this point I know he’s been knocked out and dragged away or worse but I’ve just got to keep patrolling and not looking around and soon it’ll could be lights out for me.

Yeah I bet that really sucks.

It does. At least after lights out I wake up again and I’m back at the job with my buddies when the game resets. When the player isn’t nearby we’re allowed to goof around and have some fun until it’s time to get back into character. Some of the guys have real personalities, really fun.

I’m glad to hear it’s not all work.

Speaking of work, the game’s starting up again so I’ve got to get back into position.

OK, thanks for the interview.

It was great to be asked. Nobody normally talks to us grunts so it was great to chat.

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