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Lovely Evening

Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus “Share a panorama or landscape in sharp focus, in which you can see details far away.”   The other day I cycled down to the tide mill and looked… Continue reading

Take Sleep Seriously

I watched this interesting TED talks video about the importance of sleep. It should never be regarded as a waste of time. He says that lack of sleep leads to: Poor creativity (bad… Continue reading

Daily Prompt: Procrastin​ation

Daily Prompt: Procrastin​ation “What have you been putting off doing? Why?” Everything. All my life. It’s something that can make me late for things. Putting off getting ready until the last minute when… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Carefree

Weekly Photo Challenge: Carefree “In a new post specifically for this challenge, share a photo that means CAREFREE to you!” This is a photo I took at a time when things felt carefree.… Continue reading

3 Quick Things I do to be Happier

Weekly Writing Challenge: Fit to Write For a while now I have been reading books and blogs about happiness. Which is what people are generally striving for whether it is by having more… Continue reading

5 Reasons to be Grateful

I’m not feeling very chirpy this morning so it’s time for some reasons to be cheerful. I’m alive. I’m basically healthy. I the result of the lucky one of millions of sperm reaching the… Continue reading

Those Funny Icelandic People Again

They made another video that made me laugh. Not sure what the point of it is other than being funny and random but yeah. LOL. 🙂

Free Mindfulness Meditation mp3

Science on TV has demonstrated that daily mindfulness meditation can make you a more optimistic, happy person. . Having seen that you might wonder how to do this mindfulness. It’s not difficult. Here’s… Continue reading

Find the Happy App

I watched a TV program where it was demonstrated that playing a simple game involving finding the one happy face out of a screen of faces can make you more happy and more… Continue reading

Savouring Flavour: Cherries

I’m eating cherries and sipping cherry and cinnamon tea. I’m not just doing it, I’m doing it mindfully. Savouring the flavouring. Breathe in. The cherry smells of leaves with a slight pungency. A… Continue reading

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