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Do Hi-Fi Amplifiers Sound Alike?

Note: This is a long read. Scroll down for a TL;DR at the end. Links to sources are also at the end. If you have time, please read it all. What Does An… Continue reading

Photo Challenge: Vibrant

In December we went to see Duran Duran at the Bournemouth International Centre. The show was very vibrant and colourful and the music excellent. We had a great time and it lifted our winter… Continue reading

Del Amitri Boscombe, Bournemouth 2014. Men And Objects.

. For a short time the men strode the stage, singing and swinging musical axes. In that time they became idols, objects of desire. The women lusted after them and the men wished to be them.… Continue reading

Justin E – Free Techno Music

My friend, Justin E has been making techno music and he has had some tracks released. He’s been nice enough to put some free downloads on soundcloud for you to enjoy.    

It’s Finally Ironic

Alanis Morrisette’s ‘Ironic’ Is Now Finally Ironic The now famously un-ironic song has been re-made with added actual irony. Which is actually less ironic and more sarcastic. Whereas the original song ‘Ironic’ is… Continue reading

Laki Mera – Turn All Memory to White Noise – My Review

I bought and listened to, Laki Mera’s new album Turn All Memory to White Noise. I posted about this a while ago and now it’s here I really like it. My Review: This… Continue reading

Turn All Memory To White Noise #1

Turn All Memory To White Noise by Laki Mera Youtube sent me this video and I liked it. I have been writing a longer post since Sunday but it’s not done yet so… Continue reading

More Techno

  My friend, Justin E, has been working away, making music on his computer. He has just had a track published by Cluster 909 so that’s really good news. It sounds good to… Continue reading

Justin E – Dark Acid Techno and Trance

Pounding, pounding techno music. “Wow…merciless TechNo….o/” My friend Justin E has been busy making music on his computer for I think at least two years. I’m impressed. He makes good quality sounds. I… Continue reading

Roberto Capuano – Sweet Willy EP [Analytictrail]

Originally posted on SOUND LAB MAGAZINE:
For more than 12 years Analytictrail is a trade mark for the Napolitan techno. Roberto Capuano and Markantonio are both from Naples so what can be better…

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