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#bloganuary 20: Favourite Photo

Todays prompt is: ‘What is your favourite photo you’ve ever taken?’ This is one of my favourite photos I’ve taken. It’s maybe not technically that good and the camera was fairly basic but… Continue reading

FOTD: Autumn Leaves

In the autumn, leaves can turn a wonderful colour! It can be fun to kick though drifts of dry leaves! Here’s another one of that fantastic Loquat leaf. 🙂 A monochrome for the… Continue reading

FOTD: Red Rose

Todays flower phot is a Rose from our front garden taken in October. This is one my first photo edits since I got a new screen for my PC as the old one… Continue reading

FOTD: Peach Coloured Rose

A lovely rose from our garden 🙂 Inspired by Cee:

FOTD: Pink Cyclamen

These Cyclamen are looking good this year. 🙂 Inspired by Cee:

FOTD: Abutilon Fools Gold

Here’s another shot of Fools Gold, held up this time. Hope you like it! 🙂 Inspired by Cee:

FOTD: Passionflower

We started growing passionflowers in our garden and this is the first time I’ve got a good photo of a flower. They don’t seem to stay open for long! Inspired by Cee:

FOTD: Abutilon Fools Gold

This is a little Abutilon ‘Fools Gold’ in our garden. Isn’t it lovely? Inspired by Cee:

FOTD: Lily

Here is a lily from our garden in July. 🙂 Inspired by cee:

FOTD: Feeding Butterfly

I managed to quickly get this photo with my phone when I saw it. The flower doesn’t look that good but maybe the butterfly does, for a phone photo! 🙂 Inspired by Cee:… Continue reading

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