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Photo Challenge: Weight(less)

One cold, clear night we saw the full moon hanging in the sky as if weightless. It looked so large, just hanging there like a gigantic beach ball. I used my camera to… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Transition

  Lately we have been having some sensational autumn sunsets and from out window we have a good view of the sky. 🙂   Weekly Photo Challenge: Transition “For this week’s challenge, share… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Creepy

We came across some semi-feral New Forest Ponies in the shade of some trees while out walking. While I was taking its photo, this one decided to come closer, possibly hoping to be… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Flowers Beneath Your Feet

While out walking in the New Forest with my wife and friends I tried to capture the bright colour of the heather flowers which were beneath our feet. I had to lie down… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Close Up

While in Barbados I went out one fresh morning to take some up close photos of the flowers in the garden. I used a wide aperture to blur the background. Some of the… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Half and Half

I tried to capture a shot of this racing 2CV, but it was only half in, half out of the shot. I think it still looks interesting though. It goes to show you… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Rings That Symbolise a Lasting Bond

On Easter Sunday we made our long term relationship formal. I wed the love of my life and now she is my wonderful wife. These two rings symbolise our marriage and remind us every… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Door

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Door.” We found this long disused sugar cane factory on Barbados. It looked interesting so I got out of the car and took a… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Rainbow Colours of Barbados

We were fortunate enough to have our honeymoon on the colourful island of Barbados. We saw vibrant red flowers on Barbados. We saw gorgeous orange sunsets from the clubhouse. Bright yellow flowers. This… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Off-Season

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Off-Season.” This sugar cane mill at Malvern Great House, Barbados looks to be several decades out of season!

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