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Ctrl-Alt-Hell: Windows 7 Disk Cleanup killed my PC.

(A cautionary tale) TLDR: Don’t use disk cleanup on Windows 7 and be sure to backup regularly.   I wanted my computer to load games a little bit faster. It was all working fine… Continue reading

Writing101: Two Video Games

Day Seven: Give and Take Today’s Prompt: Write a post based on the contrast between two things — whether people, objects, emotions, places, or something else. Two Video Games Elite Dangerous: Hello. I’m… Continue reading

Goat Simulator Game Is The New Call of Duty

It’s the funnest game I’ve played in a long time, maybe all time. I giggled so much playing it I nearly shat myself. I never came close to messing myself like a big… Continue reading

Battlefield 4: Why Does My Gun Suck?

(Weapon and attachment selection or ‘How to fix your gun in BF4’.) (Why doesn’t my gun work in Battlefield 4?) Often when playing Battlefield 4 it might seem like you’re shooting blanks. You’re… Continue reading

Why I Love Battlefield 4

Sometimes I love playing Battlefield 4. You can have amazing virtual experiences there. Fly a jet fighter or an attack helicopter. Drive a tank, a rapid gun-boat, a jeep or a quad bike… Continue reading

Battlefield 4 Campaign Sucks

(Because it’s just like Call of Duty. But that’s OK) . . I’ve been playing Battlefield 4 single player campaign. Partly because some reviewers say it’s really good but also to unlock three… Continue reading

Why I Hate Battlefield 4

. I’ve been playing Battlefield 4, the latest instalment in the Battlefield series of video games. I enjoy it some of the time which is not that good for an activity I do… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Habit

Weekly Photo Challenge: Habit I have this game on my phone, Real Racing 3, and I have been playing it every day until yesterday. It is clever in that it gives you a… Continue reading


I’ve got 1337 likes on this blog. Which means I am 1337. In fact I’ve got more than 1337 which means my blog is greater than 1337 or uber1337. 1337 is one of… Continue reading

An Honest Video Game Review Gets Censored on Youtube

“On the 18th of October, the developer of Day One Garry’s Incident issued a copyright strike against my channel, effectively censoring the criticism of their game. This is an account of what happened… Continue reading

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