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Why Are Good Games Bad?

After my lengthy post yesterday about Grand Theft Auto I’m still thinking about why this type of video game is so popular. Why are the biggest games in many ways so awful at… Continue reading

Why I’m Not Getting Grand Theft Auto

It’s no surprise that a new Grand Theft Auto game, a series about stealing cars, contains lots of misogyny and violence to women. So to anyone that knows me it should be no… Continue reading

Game I’m Playing: Real Racing 3

A friend told me about this game on Android and Apple phones called Real Racing 3. It has good looking graphics, features the Silverstone and Spa tracks and it’s free so I was… Continue reading

Find the Happy App

I watched a TV program where it was demonstrated that playing a simple game involving finding the one happy face out of a screen of faces can make you more happy and more… Continue reading

Game I Pre-Bought: Maia

I heard about this game a few months ago on Kickstarter and I thought it sounded like a fun game that needs to be made so I bought it. Now the maker wants… Continue reading

Game I Played: More of the Same Fields of Battle

Yes I have been chosen to try out the Battlefield 4 Alpha. Permission to feel smug about playing a game before most people? Permission granted! I can’t tell you anything about it though… Continue reading

Two guys from Iceland Broked Star Trek

  I found this so funny. It made my poor face hurty. It’s their laughing. And the comments. And the voices. And the broken video game. I’ve done the washing up since and… Continue reading

Game I Played: Waking Mars

Waking Mars This weekend I have mostly been playing Waking Mars the game on my Tablet. And I even finished it. I’ve been hooked on it but not too much. BRING A SLEEPING… Continue reading


I don’t normally write about games – hell these days I struggle to even play that many of them – but I caught a preview and this one seemed worth playing. So play…

C|Net I hate you! Wajam can go fly a kite. FU.

So I went to C|Net, a site I have known for a long time, to download a game demo. Thinking that I trust trusted C|Net. There is a big green download button, click that… Continue reading

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