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If I Keep Writing

In ten years of writing I might actually write something really interesting. That’s my theory anyway. ‘ . I’m only one hairy human and I only have a limited amount of time so… Continue reading

Overtraining Can Kill You

Or too much exercise can make you sick, injured and unable to train at all so you end up much less fit and able. To me it seems like not only has working… Continue reading

Why Are Good Games Bad?

After my lengthy post yesterday about Grand Theft Auto I’m still thinking about why this type of video game is so popular. Why are the biggest games in many ways so awful at… Continue reading

Why I’m Not Getting Grand Theft Auto

It’s no surprise that a new Grand Theft Auto game, a series about stealing cars, contains lots of misogyny and violence to women. So to anyone that knows me it should be no… Continue reading

Flash Fiction: Coming Down To Earth

Child. Photo by Alexis/El Caminante “It’s time Johan. It’s time you came down.” “I don’t want to. I want to keep flying with all the other kids.” “Yes. We love you Johan. We’ve been waiting… Continue reading

Religion and Science

Robin Ince has been having a bit of a rant about religion and science. You can read it here: He gets a bit upset about how some of his thoughts about ‘science’… Continue reading

In two weeks we will be in Spain

We are really looking forward to our upcoming holiday. We will be going to the Alicante region of Spain, the ‘Costa Blanca’. It will the my first holiday abroad for more than ten… Continue reading

Needing Inspiration

I’m sitting here and I want to write but I find myself lacking a creative feeling. So I’m writing about my lack of things to write about. Of course there are lots of… Continue reading

TV is Ruining My Life

OK so that’s an exaggeration. Or is it? I have spent most of this evening in front of the goggle box and not learning anything or achieving anything. It’s too easy to just… Continue reading

A Confession: Failing Good Habits

Over the past few months I have been building good habits but the past few weeks have not been so good. I have no excuses. Going to bed earlier has not been happening.… Continue reading

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