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Lovely Evening

Weekly Photo Challenge: Focus “Share a panorama or landscape in sharp focus, in which you can see details far away.”   The other day I cycled down to the tide mill and looked… Continue reading

Short Story: Freshly minted.

The smell of greed to Jim meant the smell of freshly minted twenties. He knew it was the smell of his own desire for the stuff as he drove the security van full… Continue reading

Short Story: Agent Iris

Flash! Friday # 38 “Write a 250 word story based on the photo.” Agent Iris was a fool and she knew it. Sitting with his hand gripping her shoulder too tightly as he… Continue reading

Cute New Mammal Discovered Only to be Driven to Extinction?

The Guardian says: The olinguito isn’t new – it was with us all along. Let’s hope it stays that way A new species has been discovered which is no big deal. It… Continue reading

To My Knees

Dear knees, You have supported me for so many years and I might have taken you for granted. All the time you have been the silent, strong centre of my legs, my pillars… Continue reading

Flash Friday Short Story: Thermodynamics

I was inspired by this writing prompt: “Just a few microns. Half a turn clockwise.” “Do you ever worry about breaking the laws of physics as we know them?” “If they can… Continue reading

Awake Magazine by Jehovah’s Witnesses: An Agnostic’s Review

The other day there was a ‘tap tap tap’ at my door. When I opened it a very nice man asked me if I was worried about people protesting around the world. I… Continue reading

Short Story: An Observer

Daily Prompt: A to Z “Create a short story, piece of memoir, or epic poem that is 26 sentences long, in which the first sentence begins with “A” and each sentence thereafter begins with… Continue reading

100 posts!

Somehow I have written 100 posts on here. That’s about 100 more than I expected. From my first post I started out with low expectations. Since then I have not just written every… Continue reading

Savouring Flavour: Cherries

I’m eating cherries and sipping cherry and cinnamon tea. I’m not just doing it, I’m doing it mindfully. Savouring the flavouring. Breathe in. The cherry smells of leaves with a slight pungency. A… Continue reading

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