We watched: Star Trek Into Darkness

We like a bit of Star Trek, my muse and me. Any new Star Trek therefore has to be watched. This weekend was the soonest we could. She had provided some cinema vouchers… Continue reading

Fleeting: Waiting and then gone.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting I was waiting to catch the train to go and see my loving, wonderful muse. My presence there was transient, fleeting, leaving no lasting impression on the place. I… Continue reading

16 steps to happiness

I’m reblogging this as I really like this list and the thought behind it. Not sure if I want to do all of them though. Not in to candles myself! ­čÖé

Bluebells – gone too soon.

Having gone out to find the bluebells that grow in the woods near my home like a magical blue carpet I found they were mostly already gone. Far too fleeting to pose for… Continue reading

Priced Out: Help to Buy = Help to Sell = UK Government Prop Up Over Inflated House Prices

I want to write about this as it affects me. I rent because buying is really beyond my means. “PricedOut is the only independent group that campaigns on behalf of priced out first… Continue reading

Why Some of Us Stay Closeted

Originally posted on godless in dixie:
Recently someone suggested to a group of mostly closeted atheists in the Deep South that maybe they shouldn’t be closeted at all. ┬áMaybe they should “come out”…

Forbidden Road

I was out running earlier and the road ahead was forbidden. No highway. No. Go. So I went. Of course it is forbidden to just stand in the road taking a photo. So… Continue reading

Magic Pills?

If I could get all the nutrition I need in a day with a pill, would I do it? Well, yes it seems like an easy life. No stopping to eat all day… Continue reading

Zoning in or zoning out? Zen of Running?

Run of Zenning. I’ve been running regularly for about eight years now. I started shambling along at the start for the sake of ‘health and fitness’ and the opposite of fatness. I was… Continue reading


I don’t normally write about games – hell these days I struggle to even play that many of them – but I caught a preview and this one seemed worth playing. So play…

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