Weekly Photo Challenge: People and Boats Through My Eyes

Weekly Photo Challenge: The World Through Your Eyes When I was out cycling one day I saw this scene with my eyes and I thought the light was good. It had meaning to… Continue reading

Daily Prompt: Moment of Kindness on Fathers Day

Describe a moment of kindness, between you and someone else — loved one or complete stranger. The time that comes to mind would be last Sunday, Fathers Day. My gesture was to go… Continue reading

Game I Played: More of the Same Fields of Battle

Yes I have been chosen to try out the Battlefield 4 Alpha. Permission to feel smug about playing a game before most people? Permission granted! I can’t tell you anything about it though… Continue reading

Jane McGonigal and Super Better

More than a year ago I saw this inspiring video and I put it on my list of things to look at later. I got around to it in the end. I think… Continue reading

Spite. Revenge. Success.

Originally posted on Roamin 4 Happiness:
NEVER act in spite of someone else. Revenge may seem warranted. It may seem necessary. It may seem like your only option, really. But do not let your…

How to get more sleep.

Like many modern folk I wake most mornings feeling tired and unready for the day ahead. The simple answer to this is to go to bed earlier. But how do I make myself… Continue reading

Two guys from Iceland Broked Star Trek

  I found this so funny. It made my poor face hurty. It’s their laughing. And the comments. And the voices. And the broken video game. I’ve done the washing up since and… Continue reading

Game I Played: Waking Mars

Waking Mars This weekend I have mostly been playing Waking Mars the game on my Tablet. And I even finished it. I’ve been hooked on it but not too much. BRING A SLEEPING… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Curvy wire (random?)

Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves I liked this accidental photo somehow so I’ve messed around with it and posted it. I like the way the light catches the shape. The curve of the wire… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Curves of Waterloo Station

I took this photo on a grey January day while waiting for my train home. Often we go about our lives not noticing the architecture around us in something as mundane as a… Continue reading

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