WordPress Final Photo Challenge: All Time Favourite

It’s the last WordPress Photo Challenge and this series has helped to nourish my photographic creativity for years. For this I looked for the photo on my blog that has the most likes… Continue reading

WordPress Photo Challenge : Twisted Leaf Buds

We ordered a Magnolia ‘Red Lucky’ last year and it has caused much expectation. I had to be patiently for it to arrive in February, then there has been more waiting for signs… Continue reading

Flower of the Day: White Tulip

This is one of the tulips we planted last year, looking good in the morning light. 🙂 Inspired by Cee: https://ceenphotography.com/2018/05/13/flower-of-the-day-may-14-2018-azalea-bush-story/

Flower of the Day: Bluebells

The bluebells were early this year. Most things were later after a cold march but the bluebells flowered mid April. I always look forward to seeing their magical violet in May as it… Continue reading

WordPress Photo Challenge: Unlikely Dew Drip

If I said I was going to go out and take a photo of dew dripping you might think it unlikely I would succeed, but I was looking through some photos I took… Continue reading

Flower of the Day: Nearly Black Tulip

We bought and planted Queen of Night tulips in the autumn and I’m glad we did. I think they look like voluptuous velvet in the morning light. Inspired by Cee: https://ceenphotography.com/2018/05/01/flower-of-the-day-may-2-2018-tulips/

WordPress Photo Challenge: Lines and a View

We found this photo from Collingwood House/College in my archives from 2015. It has an abundance of lines and a view of verdant gardens through the arches. There are lines in the stonework,… Continue reading

Photo Challenge: Prolific Aphids Macro

I’ve found many tiny green dots on our Sedum. My macro lens reveals them as bugs, lots of them! Now I have to work out how to get rid of them! The Daily… Continue reading

Flowerbuds Macro of the Day: Kalanchoe

These little buds are full of promise. I do like the miniature world that a macro lens can reveal. 🙂

WordPress Photo Challenge: Awakening Peony Shoot in the Snow

In March it snowed and carpeted our garden. This little peony shoot survived and thrived though!   The Daily Post PHOTO CHALLENGE: Awakening Also see Cee’s Flower of the Day – April 17,… Continue reading

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