Flowering Plant of the Day: Awakening Peonies

Having planted 6 peony roots last year and waiting all winter, some tiny red shoots started appearing.   They didn’t look like much at first!   Then the leaves started to unfurl, red… Continue reading

Flower of the Day: Cherry Blossom

    Some close-up shots of our winter cherry blossom. 🙂 Inspired by Cee: https://ceenphotography.com/2018/04/09/flower-of-the-day-april-10-2018-tulips/

Flower of the Day: Crocii

These tiny crocus flowers added a bit of colour to a grey January.

Flowerbud of the Day: Tulip

Here is a fresh green tulip bud. It’s just pushed up from where it’s been growing underground. It’s only got a tinge of the colour it might be soon.

Flowerbud Macro of the Day: Camellia With Snow

During the snow I tried to get some good macro shots but the snow is difficult to get good focus on. Here is some slightly melted snow on a Camellia bud.

Flowerbud of the Day: Tulip

We planted lots of tulip bulbs and finally they are starting to show above ground. We’re looking forward to them opening and filling the border with colour!

Photo Challenge: Rise/Set

I love to get up early and see the sunrise and even catch a photo of the glorious orange sky. 🙂   Sunsets at Eling are always good too! The Daily Post Photo… Continue reading

Favourite Place: Eling

Eling nature reserve is a place I love to go for a walk or cycle and sometimes stop and sit in quiet contemplation. It’s a lovely place to be in nature. The Daily… Continue reading

Silence : Sunset Reflected in a Millpond

One evening last year it was very still and quiet at Eling as the sun went down. The Daily Post PHOTO CHALLENGE: Silence

Photos: 2017 Favorites

This might not be my best photo of the year but it’s one of the most meaningful. This cherry tree is our first major planting in our garden since we moved here and… Continue reading

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