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Photography 101: Triumphs

Photography 101: Triumph “Today, let’s bump up the contrast for a bold take on triumph.” It was a challenge to come up with strong images that fit the topic. I took a photo back in June… Continue reading

Photography 101, Weekend 3

Photography 101, Weekend Three: Hone Your Camera Eye “Observe and capture an entire scene, but also zooming in within it. Stick to architecture if you’d like: capture the size and essence of a building,… Continue reading

Photo Challenge: Converging Pillar

Photo Challenge: Converge     The lines of this column appear to converge. You can find some interesting architecture if you look up.

Photography 101: Architecture

Photography 101: Architecture I took this photo of a grand old hotel in Alicante. Upping the contrast and making it monochrome has given it more drama.

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