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Battlefield 4: Why Does My Gun Suck?

(Weapon and attachment selection or ‘How to fix your gun in BF4’.) (Why doesn’t my gun work in Battlefield 4?) Often when playing Battlefield 4 it might seem like you’re shooting blanks. You’re… Continue reading

Why I Love Battlefield 4

Sometimes I love playing Battlefield 4. You can have amazing virtual experiences there. Fly a jet fighter or an attack helicopter. Drive a tank, a rapid gun-boat, a jeep or a quad bike… Continue reading

Battlefield 4 Campaign Sucks

(Because it’s just like Call of Duty. But that’s OK) . . I’ve been playing Battlefield 4 single player campaign. Partly because some reviewers say it’s really good but also to unlock three… Continue reading

Why I Hate Battlefield 4

. I’ve been playing Battlefield 4, the latest instalment in the Battlefield series of video games. I enjoy it some of the time which is not that good for an activity I do… Continue reading

Game I Played: More of the Same Fields of Battle

Yes I have been chosen to try out the Battlefield 4 Alpha. Permission to feel smug about playing a game before most people? Permission granted! I can’t tell you anything about it though… Continue reading

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